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Variable Name and Accession

Variable Name: STUDY
Variable Accession: phv00159482.v5.p7
Variable belongs to dataset: pht001415.v7.p7 : Framingham_Sample: SHARe subject ID to sample mapping: Samples are the final preps submitted for genotyping, sequencing, and/or expression data. For example, if one patient (subject ID) gave one sample, and that sample was processed differently to generate 2 sequencing runs, there would be two rows, both using the same subject ID, but having 2 unique sample IDs. The substudies with samples are Framingham SHARe, CARe, SABRe, Medical Resequencing, and ESP Heart-GO. This table also includes Coriell HapMap samples that were used as genotyping controls. The data table also includes a mapping of sample IDs to other sample ID aliases, the study/substudy (phs accession) that the sample belongs to, and sample use.

Note: This version of the variable has been superceded. See most recent version of variable

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