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Submitter Handle:CSHL-HAPMAP
Submitter Batch ID:r23_ch4_JPT_affymetrix:genomewidesnp_6.0
Submitter Method ID:affymetrix:genomewidesnp_6.0
Citation:The International HapMap Project
Comment:These genotypes were produced by the International HapMap project Consortium, by the AFFYMETRIX genotyping center using the affymetrix:genomewidesnp_6.0 platform. Details on the project can be found on the project website ( NB Some samples were done in duplicate for error-checking purposes. For those samples, the second member of the dup-pair printed gets a '.dup' suffix. This '.dup' vs non-'.dup' assignment does NOT reflect the source plate-well of the samples in question,
Batch Total SubSNP(ss) Count:

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Batch Summary: this batch submitted genotype for 1 populations across 5484 subsnp and 45 individuals.
dbSNP pop_id Total individuals Total ss#
Total rs#
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CSHL-HAPMAP|HapMap-JPT 1411 45 5484 5484 detail

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