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Uncultured organism genomic sequence

PopSet: 269148455

Study Details

Comparative metagenomics of microbial communities inhabiting deep-sea hydrothermal vent chimneys with contrasting chemistries.

Xie,W., Wang,F., Guo,L., Chen,Z., Sievert,S.M., Meng,J., Huang,G., Li,Y., Yan,Q., Wu,S., Wang,X., Chen,S., He,G., Xiao,X. and Xu,A.

(2011) ISME J 5:(3)414-426

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Sequences in this data set

  • GU191801.2Uncultured organism clone Fosmid_X genomic sequence
  • GU191800.2Uncultured organism clone Fosmid_W genomic sequence
  • GU191799.2Uncultured organism clone Fosmid_contig genomic sequence
  • GU191798.2Uncultured organism clone Fosmid_aL genomic sequence
  • GU191797.2Uncultured organism clone Fosmid_aI genomic sequence
  • GU191803.1Uncultured organism clone Fosmid_sox2 genomic sequence
  • GU191802.1Uncultured organism clone Fosmid_sox1 genomic sequence
  • GU191796.1Uncultured organism clone Fosmid_aF genomic sequence

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