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Human immunodeficiency virus 1 gag protein (gag) gene, complete cds; pol protein (pol) gene, partial cds; vif protein (vif) and vpr protein (vpr) genes, complete cds; nonfunctional tat protein (tat) gene, complete sequence; and rev protein (rev), vpu protein (vpu), envelope glycoprotein (env), and nef protein (nef) genes, complete cds.

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Molecular Evolution of the HIV-1 Thai Epidemic between the Time of RV144 Immunogen Selection to the Execution of the Vaccine Efficacy Trial.

Kijak,G.H., Tovanabutra,S., Rerks-Ngarm,S., Nitayaphan,S., Eamsila,C., Kunasol,P., Khamboonruang,C., Thongcharoen,P., Namwat,C., Premsri,N., Benenson,M., Morgan,P., Bose,M., Sanders-Buell,E., Paris,R., Robb,M.L., Birx,D.L., De Souza,M.S., McCutchan,F.E., Michael,N.L. and Kim,J.H.

(2013) J. Virol. 87:(13)7265-7281

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