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Enter IDs into the text box using the specified format. Separate multiple IDs with spaces or commas. Note: you cannot mix different types of IDs in a single request.

  • PMID: use simple numbers, e.g., 23193287.
  • PMCID: include the ‘PMC’ prefix, e.g., PMC3531190. You may drop the prefix if you select the checkbox for ‘Process as PMCIDs’.
  • Manuscript ID: include the relevant prefix, e.g., NIHMS236863 or EMS48932.
  • DOI: enter the complete string, e.g., 10.1093/nar/gks1195.

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About this tool

This utility allows you to start with the unique identifier for an article that is in PMC (PubMed Central) in order to find additional unique identifiers that may apply to the article, such as:

  • PMID (from PubMed)
  • PMCID (from PMC)
  • Manuscript ID (from a manuscript submission system, e.g., NIHMS, Europe PMC, PMC Canada)
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Note that not every article will have all of these identifiers. A Manuscript ID will be available for an article that was added to PMC via the NIHMS or similar submission system. A DOI will be available if the article was assigned a DOI by its publisher.

If you look up an ID for an article that is not in PMC, you will receive an "Identifier not found in PMC" message.

Tips for entering IDs

Each lookup request can contain one or more unique identifiers, but you cannot mix the types of IDs in a single request. Either enter the IDs in the box above or call up a list of IDs that you have stored in the PubMed or PMC Clipboards. This utility can process a maximum of 200 IDs in a single request. If you have a larger number of IDs, split your list into smaller subsets.

When entering IDs in the text box, you may enter one per line, or multiple IDs per line, separated by commas or spaces.

To look up IDs from a clipboard, you must first search PubMed or PMC and add articles to the respective clipboard. Then click the appropriate button above the text box.

By default, the results of a lookup will be displayed in a table above (HTML format). You may also choose to have results returned in XML, CSV or JSON formats.

See also

For programmatic access to this tool, please see the ID Converter API documentation.

Another option for obtaining PMIDs and DOIs for article in PMC is to download an identifier cross-reference file from our FTP site, as documented in the FTP Service page.

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