Update History

2015 Sep 16Added link from <season> to Dates; added preferred abbreviation format to <season>.

Removed references to including
  • .
    2015 Aug 3Clarified one name per <contrib>.
    2015 Jun 5Corrected typos
    2015 Apr 28Added language defining Structured Abstracts
    2015 Apr 28Added language defining Structured Abstracts
    2015 Jan 13Added explicit statement that <related-article> must not point to article containing the tag.
    2014 Oct 7Added requirement of using Green in v2.3 to tag article-type values "data-paper", "methods-article", "systematic-review" to match "expression of concern" in Article Types.

    Added missing values for @article-type in <article>.
    2014 May 7Added Document Object section Multi-Language Articles.

    Added <date> with @date-type="online" description to <history>

    Corrected typo in Questions & Answers examples.
    2014 Feb 10Added Article Types for "Methods Article" and "Systematic Review".

    2013 Dec 2Clarified date tagging for JATS v1.0; added collection pub-date example; corrected minor mistakes in pub-date examples.
    2013 Sep 25Added new values to @ext-link-type

    @mimetype and @mime-subtype are no longer required on <media>.

    Added info for <related-object> to tag journal articles.
    2013 Sep 6Attribures mimetype and mime-subtype are no longer required on <media>.
    2013 Aug 9Corrected order of elements, tag name typo in <contrib-id> example.
    2013 Jul 16Corrected link to fully-tagged citations in <element-citation>
    2013 May 28Expression of concern articles in v2.3 must be tagged in Green, not Blue.
    2013 May 15Added "expression-of-concern" to list of accepted article-type attribute values in <article>

    Added Contributor ID.
    2013 May 9Added details on breaking long equations with <mml:mspace> with @linebreak="goodbreak".

    Added information on tagging Expressions of Concern.
    2013 May 7Added information on new @related-article-type="peer-review" to @related-article-type table.
    2013 Jan 24Added DOB sections for multiple versions of affiliations, citations, and author names.

    Added element sections for <aff-alternatives>, <citation-alternatives>, <collab-alternatives>, <contrib-id>, <grant-num>, <grant-sponsor>, <issn-l>, <name-alternatives>, <on-behalf-of>, <trans-abstract>.

    Edits throughout for consistency and clarity.
    2012 Dec 31Updated "Math" section in General Tagging Practices.

    Added rules for <tex-math> when used in <alternatives>.

    Added details and examples to <mml:math>.
    2012 Dec 5Added <td> and <th> to elements allowed to have <alternatives>.

    Added rules for <license> tagging and <ext-link> within <license> elements.

    Added rule regarding <collab> inside an expanded contributor list.

    Added style rules for JATS v1.0.

    Added section on associating schemas.
    2012 Mar 14Added content and example to Supplementary Material; added info to <supplementary-material>; added <graphic> and <media> sections.
    2012 Mar 5Added note about formatting elements in <subject>

    Fixed element ordering to make alphabetical.
    2011 Sep 1Added NCBI:sra to list of supported external resources in External Links.
    2011 Jun 20Added instructions for tagging Author Names as they are to be indexed.

    Updated rules for Dates to use hyphens instead of en-dashes for ranges.
    2011 Jun 8Updated <issue> and <supplement> to disallow use of the <supplement> element. Added information on financial disclosures to <fn>, <author-notes>, Funding Information. Added Supplementary Issues section to General Tagging Practice. Disallow the use of <sup> to wrap <xref>.
    2011 Apr 7Added section on External Links to define external resources supported by PMC and how to tag references to them. Also made minor updates to <ext-link>.
    2011 Feb 15Edited the Guidelines to bring NIHMS into closer correspondence with PMC and in preparation for switching to NLM DTD 3.0.

    Also edited the Guidelines to bring Books into closer correspondence with PMC.
    2010 May 20<mml:math> strict validation rules added. Changes include child element counts and attribute enumerations.
    2010 Apr 28Added file name and extension requirement for <supplementary-material> and <inline-supplementary-material>.

    Added link to pmc-tagging-guidelines email list.
    2010 Mar 25Added <mml:math> fence rules for <mml:msub>, <mml:msup>, and <mml:msubsup>.
    2010 Jan 20Added rules for MathML 2.0 deprecated attributes to <mml:math>

    2009 Dec 3Added section on Collaborative Authors.
    2009 Sep 10Corrected errors in writeup of "Retraction".
    2009 Jul 20Added chart to <related-article> showing PMC-generated text based on article-type and related-article-type.
    2009 Jun 16Added required id attributes on <response> and <sub-article>.
    2009 Jun 1Corrected <author-notes> tag name in <notes> tagging instructions.

    Added <floats-group> instructions to Figures and Tables for v3.0 tagging.
    2009 Jan 12Added generic publication date guidelines.
    2008 Dec 9Updated Table coloring and shading rules.
    2008 Nov 19Added style rules for v3.0.
    2008 Jul 18Added disp-quote description and example in Document Objects Section.
    2008 Apr 8Added @alternate-form-of description and example in Document Objects Section.
    2008 Jan 14Added information for tagging languages to article pages.
    2008 Jan 4Added rule for excluding <xref> from <subject>.
    2007 Sep 24Added information for tagging an article-level release delay for PMC embargo using the Processing Instruction <?release-delay ?>.
    2007 Aug 17Added information for tagging <corresp>.
    2007 Jun 18Added example for <license>.
    2007 May 14Removed Tagging Style section: Duplicate of intro text.
    2007 Apr 30Updated version number for DTD, floating figures and tables rules; added section element.
    2007 Mar 14Added details for tagging complex block affiliations.
    2007 Mar 13Added tagging instructions for complex References such as a reference with more than one citation, notes, and notes with citations.
    2007 Jan 17Updated rules for Signatures to reflect changes made in DTD v2.2
    2006 Aug 8Specified related-article page attribute should only reference first page.
    2006 Jul 19Added rule about not using <mml:math> to tag single characters.
    2006 Jun 27Added rule about not using sec-type attribute for sections inside abstracts.
    2006 Jun 26Added preferred capitalization of Title Case; Added response and sub-article samples.

    Added rule for tagging xref ranges.
    2006 Jun 20Updated DTD references to v2.2.
    2006 Jun 16Added table color tagging.
    2006 Jun 7<related-article> must have an @id for valid style, but this was left out of the documentation.
    2006 May 15Added control character restriction; contain copyright and license in permissions; table attributes; position="anchor" for objects inside objects; product description; related-article description; response and sub-article descriptions. Modified samples to reflect style updates.

    2006 Mar 23Added info about figures and tables being anchored inside appendices and not collected in display-objects section.
    2006 Mar 9Added clarification to Author/Affiliation relationship.

    2006 Feb 24Added contract/grant info dob; Updated Signatures dob to reflect new structure including named-content; Updated Sample 3 with new signature tagging; Added generated text dob.
    2006 Jan 11Updated all DTD references to version 2.1.
    2005 Dec 12Specified "Figures and Tables" as title for display-objects section.
    2005 Dec 7Clarified tagging instructions for copyright-statement and copyright-year.
    2005 Nov 18Updated dates example for month range to 3-letter abbreviations inside season.
    2005 Nov 7Expanded Meeting Reports/Abstracts section and included example.
    2005 Oct 27Added links to Online Style Checking tool.
    2005 Sep 15Added an explicit statement about not using Unicode values from the Private Use Area.
    2005 Sep 2Added fully-tagged XML articles in compressed zip and text versions for viewing in browser.
    2005 Aug 26Tagging Guidelines available on the public site.