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EMBO J. Sep 1984; 3(9): 2179–2183.
PMCID: PMC557662

Analysis of the gene coding for the murine cellular tumour antigen p53.


A genomic clone containing the functional gene for the murine p53 cellular tumour antigen was isolated and structurally characterised. The gene contains at least 11 exons and 10 introns, the first intron possessing a length of 6.1 kb. Attempts to determine the exact 5' end of p53 mRNA were inconclusive, probably due to the presence of a remarkable stem and loop structure (delta G degrees approximately equal to -56 kcal/mol) in the 5' region of the gene. Suggestive similarities were found to exist between p53 and the protein product of the myc oncogene.

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