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EMBO J. Jul 1985; 4(7): 1793–1798.
PMCID: PMC554419

Proviral activation of the putative oncogene Pim-1 in MuLV induced T-cell lymphomas.


Proviral integration near the Pim-1 gene is frequently observed in murine leukemia virus induced T-cell lymphomas in mice. Integration in the Pim-1 domain is associated with the presence of enhanced levels of a Pim-1 mRNA, which is normally expressed as a predominant 2.8 kb species at low levels in lymphoid tissues. The majority of integrations occurred in the 3' region of the Pim-1 transcription unit. This resulted in transcripts ranging in size from 2.0 to 2.6 kb, which were terminated in the 5' proviral LTR. Dependent on the site of integration up to 1300 bases of Pim-1 specific sequences were missing from the modified Pim-1 mRNA in these lymphomas.

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