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EMBO J. May 1985; 4(5): 1193–1197.
PMCID: PMC554323

Stimulation and inhibition of growth by EGF in different A431 cell clones is accompanied by the rapid induction of c-fos and c-myc proto-oncogenes.


Stimulation of quiescent fibroblasts to growth by polypeptide growth factors is accompanied by the rapid induction of c-fos and c-myc proto-oncogenes. In contrast to fibroblasts, A431 cells respond to epidermal growth factor (EGF) with a decreased growth rate. Here we report that, in spite of its growth inhibitory effect, EGF rapidly induces transient expression of c-fos mRNA, followed by the synthesis of nuclear c-fos protein. In addition, EGF treatment resulted in elevated levels of c-myc expression. Practically identical results were obtained with variant A431 clones that are resistant to the inhibitory effect of EGF on cell proliferation. These observations suggest that in A431 cells c-fos and c-myc induction is a primary consequence of growth factor-receptor interaction. Indeed, efficient induction of both genes was also observed with cyanide bromide-cleaved EGF, which has previously been shown to be non-mitogenic but able to trigger early events induced by EGF. We observed strong induction of c-fos and to a lesser extent of c-myc also by TPA, and by the calcium ionophore A23187, indicating an important role for kinase C in proto-oncogene activation by growth factors.

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