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EMBO J. Jan 1985; 4(1): 185–195.
PMCID: PMC554169

RNA processing in Neurospora crassa mitochondria: use of transfer RNA sequences as signals.


We have used RNA gel transfer hybridization, S1 nuclease mapping and primer extension to analyze transcripts derived from several genes in Neurospora crassa mitochondria. The transcripts studied include those for cytochrome oxidase subunit III, 17S rRNA and an unidentified open reading frame. In all three cases, initial transcripts are long, include tRNA sequences, and are subsequently processed to generate the mature RNAs. We find that endpoints of the most abundant transcripts generally coincide with those of tRNA sequences. We therefore conclude that tRNA sequences in long transcripts act as primary signals for RNA processing in N. crassa mitochondria. The situation is somewhat analogous to that observed in mammalian mitochondrial systems. The difference, however, is that in mammalian mitochondria, noncoding spacers between tRNA, rRNA and protein genes are very short and in many cases non-existent, allowing no room for intergenic RNA processing signals whereas, in N. crassa mtDNA, intergenic non-coding sequences are usually several hundred nucleotides long and contain highly conserved GC-rich palindromic sequences. Since these GC-rich palindromic sequences are retained in the processed mature RNAs, we conclude that they do not serve as signals for RNA processing.

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