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Amino Acid Sequence of an Avenin (gi 82331, JQ1047) and an α-Gliadin (α2-Gliadin, AJ133612)

The proline and glutamine residues are red and blue, respectively. In the avenin, the presumed 9-mer core region of the characterized T-cell epitope is underlined. In the α-gliadin, a 33-mer natural fragment containing six copies of three partly overlapping epitopes (DQ2-α-I, PFPQPQLPY; DQ2-α-II, PQPQLPYPQ; and DQ2-α-III, PYPQPQLPY) is underlined. Note the localization of all the epitopes to regions of the proteins rich in proline and glutamine residues and the high number of proline residues within the 9-mer core regions of the epitopes.

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