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Nucleic Acids Res. Nov 25, 1994; 22(23): 5121–5127.
PMCID: PMC523786

Alu repeated DNAs are differentially methylated in primate germ cells.


A significant fraction of Alu repeats in human sperm DNA, previously found to be unmethylated, is nearly completely methylated in DNA from many somatic tissues. A similar fraction of unmethylated Alus is observed here in sperm DNA from rhesus monkey. However, Alus are almost completely methylated at the restriction sites tested in monkey follicular oocyte DNA. The Alu methylation patterns in mature male and female monkey germ cells are consistent with Alu methylation in human germ cell tumors. Alu sequences are hypomethylated in seminoma DNAs and more methylated in a human ovarian dysgerminoma. These results contrast with methylation patterns reported for germ cell single-copy, CpG island, satellite, and L1 sequences. The function of Alu repeats is not known, but differential methylation of Alu repeats in the male and female germ lines suggests that they may serve as markers for genomic imprinting or in maintaining differences in male and female meiosis.

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