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J Virol. Aug 1977; 23(2): 234–239.
PMCID: PMC515825

5'-Terminal and internal methylated nucleosides in herpes simplex virus type 1 mRNA.


RNA labeled with [methyl-3H]methionine and/or [32P]orthophosphate was isolated from the polyribosomes of herpes simplex virus (HSV) types 1-infected cells and separated into polyadenylylated [poly(A+)]and non-polyadenylylated [poly(A-)] fractions. Virus-specific RNA was obtained by hybridization in liquid to either excess HSV DNA or filters containing immobilized HSV DNA. Analysis in denaturing sucrose gradients indicated that HSV-specific poly(A+) RNA sedimented in a broad peak, with a modal S value of 20. The ratio of [3H]methyl to 32P decreased with increasing size of RNA, suggesting that each RNA chain contains a similar sumber of methyl groups. Further analysis indicated an average of one RNase-resistant structure of the type m7G(5')pppNmpNp or m7G(5')pppNmpNmpNp per 2,780 nucleotides. The following components were identified in the 5'-terminal oligonucleotides of polyribosome-associated HSV-specific poly(A+) and poly(A-) RNA: 7-methylguanosine, N6,2'-O-dimethyladenosine, and the 2'-O-methyl derivatives of guanosine, adenosine, uridine, and denosine, and the 2'-O-methyl derivatives of guanosine, adenosine, uridine, and cytidine. The most common 5'-terminal sequences were m7G(5')pppm6Am and m7G(5')pppGm. An additional modified nucleoside, N6-methyladenosine, was present in an internal position of HSV-specific RNA.

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