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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Jan 1, 1992; 89(1): 43–46.

Genetic characterization and transovarial transmission of a typhus-like rickettsia found in cat fleas.


The identification of apparently fastidious microorganisms is often problematic. DNA from a rickettsia-like agent (called the ELB agent) present in cat fleas could be amplified by PCR with conserved primers derived from rickettsial 17-kDa common protein antigen and citrate synthase genes but not spotted fever group 190-kDa antigen gene. Alu I sites in both the 17-kDa and citrate synthase PCR products obtained with the rickettsia-like agent and Rickettsia typhi were different even though both agents reacted with monoclonal antibodies previously thought specific for R. typhi. The DNA sequence of a portion of the 17-kDa PCR product of the rickettsia-like agent differed significantly from all known rickettsial sequences and resembled the 17-kDa sequences of typhus more than spotted fever group rickettsiae. The rare stable transovarial maintenance of this rickettsia in cat fleas has important implications for the disease potential of cat fleas.

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