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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Oct 1, 1993; 90(19): 9115–9119.

Fascin, an echinoid actin-bundling protein, is a homolog of the Drosophila singed gene product.


A cDNA for fascin, an actin-bundling protein in echinoderms, has been cloned, sequenced, and expressed. The predicted mass of the protein is approximately 55 kDa, similar to that observed for fascin purified from sea urchin eggs. Bacterially expressed fascin reacts with antibodies prepared against sea urchin egg fascin. Fascin has a strong sequence similarity to the singed gene (sn) product in Drosophila and has similarities with a 55-kDa human actin-bundling protein. No extensive similarities were found with other known actin-binding/bundling proteins, indicating that this is a separate gene family.

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