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EMBO J. Feb 1991; 10(2): 433–442.
PMCID: PMC452664

Group II twintron: an intron within an intron in a chloroplast cytochrome b-559 gene.


The psbF gene of chloroplast DNAs encodes the beta-subunit of cytochrome b-559 of the photosystem II reaction center. The psbF locus of Euglena gracilis chloroplast DNA has an unusual 1042 nt group II intron that appears to be formed from the insertion of one group II intron into structural domain V of a second group II intron. Using both direct primer extension cDNA sequencing and cDNA cloning and sequencing, we have determined that a 618 nt internal intron is first excised from the 1042 nt intron of psbF pre-mRNA, resulting in a partially spliced pre-mRNA containing a 424 nt group II intron with a spliced domain V. The 424 nt intron is then removed to yield the mature psbF mRNA. Therefore, the 1042 nt intron of psbF is a group II intron within another group II intron. We use the term 'twintron' to define this new type of genetic element. Intermediates in the splicing pathway were detected by northern hybridization. Splicing of both the internal and external introns occurs via lariat intermediates. Twintron splicing was found to proceed by a sequential pathway, the internal intron being removed prior to the excision of the external intron. A possible mechanism for twintron formation by intron transposition is discussed.

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