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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Nov 8, 1994; 91(23): 11212–11216.

Identification of genes involved in DNA replication of the Autographa californica baculovirus.


By use of a transient replication assay, nine genes involved in DNA replication were identified in the genome of the Autographa californica baculovirus. Six genes encoding helicase, DNA polymerase, IE-1, LEF-1, LEF-2, and LEF-3 are essential for DNA replication while three genes encoding P35, IE-2, and PE38 stimulate DNA replication. No stimulation by the AcMNPV pcna gene, encoding a protein with sequence homology to proliferating-cell nuclear antigen, was observed. A pattern of amino acids found in a number of single-stranded-DNA-binding proteins was identified in the carboxyl-terminal region of IE-1.

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