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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Feb 1975; 72(2): 513–517.
PMCID: PMC432342

Effects of cytochaslasin B and colcemide on myogenic cultures.


Muscle cultures treated with cytochalasin B yield mono- and oligonucleated cells of two kinds: (i) arborized, replicating precursor myogenic cells and fibroblasts; and (ii) round, post-mitotic, terminally differentiating myoblasts and myotubes. The arborized cells do not bind fluorescein-labeled antibody against myosin, do not contract rhythmically, and do not display hexagonally stacked thick and thin filaments. The round, mono-nucleated myoblasts and round, oligonucleated myotubes bind the fluorescein-labeled antibody against myosin, contract rhythmically, and display clusters of hexagonally-stacked thick and thin filaments. When cytochalasin B is removed and replaced by colcemide, the arborized cells, but not the post-mitotic muscle cells, acquire a radial symmetry and are induced to assemble massive, meandering cables that may occupy over 25% of the cell volume. These tortuous calbes are positively birefringent and consist exclusively of enormous numbers of 100-A, intermediate-sized filaments.

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