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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Oct 1979; 76(10): 5134–5137.
PMCID: PMC413094

Interference of nonsense mutations with eukaryotic messenger RNA stability.


The fine structure map of the yeast URA 3 gene was established by meiotic recombination, and amber nonsense mutations were located at different points on the map. The effect of the length of the labeling time on the specific radioactivity of ura 3 messenger RNA and on its repartition between poly(A)-RNA and RNA not containing poly(A) has been followed in nonsense mutants. Nonsense mutations reduce the messenger level without lowering its instantaneous rate of synthesis. The strength of the reduction depends on the position of the nonsense codon within the locus and concerns essentially the accumulation of polyadenylylated ura 3 mRNA.

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