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Nature. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2014 Aug 11.
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Nature. 2013 Dec 5; 504(7478): 143–147.
Published online 2013 Nov 27. doi:  10.1038/nature12830

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NrasG12D (G12D/+) expression increased the reconstituting potential of CD150CD48+LSK MPPs but did not affect the reconstituting potential of CD150+CD48+LSK, or CD150CD48+LSK progenitors in irradiated mice

a) 10 donor MPPs, b) 25 CD150+CD48+LSK progenitors, or c) 100 CD150CD48+LSK progenitors from Mx1-cre; NrasG12D/+ (G12D/+) or littermate control (con) mice at 2 weeks after pIpC treatment were transplanted into irradiated recipient mice along with 3×105 recipient bone marrow cells. Data represent mean±s.d. for donor blood cells in the myeloid (Gr-1+ or Mac-1+ cells), B (B220+), and T (CD3+) cell lineages. Two-tailed student's t-tests were used to assess statistical significance. None of the time points were significantly different between treatments. The data represent two independent experiments with 4 recipient mice per donor

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