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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Aug 29, 1995; 92(18): 8303–8307.

Comparative expressed-sequence-tag analysis of differential gene expression profiles in PC-12 cells before and after nerve growth factor treatment.


Nerve growth factor-induced differentiation of adrenal chromaffin PC-12 cells to a neuronal phenotype involves alterations in gene expression and represents a model system to study neuronal differentiation. We have used the expressed-sequence-tag approach to identify approximately 600 differentially expressed mRNAs in untreated and nerve growth factor-treated PC-12 cells that encode proteins with diverse structural and biochemical functions. Many of these mRNAs encode proteins belonging to cellular pathways not previously known to be regulated by nerve growth factor. Comparative expressed-sequence-tag analysis provides a basis for surveying global changes in gene-expression patterns in response to biological signals at an unprecedented scale, is a powerful tool for identifying potential interactions between different cellular pathways, and allows the gene-expression profiles of individual genes belonging to a particular pathway to be followed.

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