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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Jul 1, 1992; 89(13): 6129–6133.
PMCID: PMC402135

Reconstruction of a Streptomyces linear replicon from separately cloned DNA fragments: existence of a cryptic origin of circular replication within the linear plasmid.


We report here the reconstruction of a functional linear replicon, the 12-kilobase Streptomyces clavuligerus plasmid pSCL, from separate DNA fragments cloned in Escherichia coli on the pUC19 plasmid. Protein-free DNA molecules containing the full-length pSCL sequence, an internally inserted thiostrepton-resistance gene, and adventitious nucleotides external to the pSCL termini were introduced into Streptomyces lividans, where the synthesis and functional attachment of replication proteins occurred and pSCL was established as an extrachromosomal linear replicon. Transformation of S. lividans with uncut supercoilded pUC19/pSCL DNA from E. coli or with a circularized 8-kilobase internal fragment of pSCL yielded circular replicons, indicating the existence of a cryptic origin of circular replication within the linear plasmid. Insertion mutations at sites that prevented the replication of pSCL linear plasmids also interfered with its replication in the circular mode.

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