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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Oct 1983; 80(20): 6177–6181.
PMCID: PMC394258

Specific binding of a cellular DNA replication protein to the origin of replication of adenovirus DNA.


Nuclear factor I, a 47-kilodalton protein, purified from nuclear extracts of uninfected HeLa cells, is involved in the initiation and possibly the elongation of replicating adenovirus (Ad) DNA in vitro. The binding of nuclear factor I to DNA has been monitored by a filter binding assay of nuclear factor I to DNA has been monitored by a filter binding assay using plasmid pLA1 DNA, which contains a 3,290 base-pair fragment derived from the left-hand terminus (coordinates, 0-9.4 map units) of Ad serotype 5 DNA. Nuclear factor I binds selectively to a double-stranded fragment spanning nucleotides 0-451 to the Ad genome. The retention of the 451-base-pair DNA fragment-nuclear factor I complex on nitrocellulose filters does not require Mg2+ or ATP and is resistant to high ionic strength. DNase I protection experiments revealed that nuclear factor I binds to a nucleotide sequence located at position 17-48, close to the terminus of Ad DNA. This 32-nucleotide sequence contains four "consensus" sequences present in various serotypes of Ad DNA and is capable of forming higher ordered structures. The role of nuclear factor I and this DNA sequence in the generation of Ad preterminal protein-dCMP initiation complex is discussed.

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