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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Jun 1979; 76(6): 2996–3000.
PMCID: PMC383738

Amino-terminal sequence of bovine leukemia virus major internal protein: homology with mammalian type C virus p30 structural proteins.


The amino acid composition, the COOH-terminal amino acid, and the NH2-terminal amino acid sequence of the first 55 residues of the major internal structural protein, p24, of bovine leukemia virus (BLV) were determined. The compositional data and the results of end-group analysis revealed that, although BLV p24 is chemically distinct, it more closely resembles the p30 structural proteins than the other gag gene products of mammalian retroviruses. It was found that BLV p24 shares the common NH2-terminal proline and COOH-terminal leucine but lacks the common prolylleucylarginine tripeptide and the larger conserved region found near the NH2 terminus of all mammalian type C viral p30s. Alignment of the amino acid sequence of BLV p24 with the previously determined sequence of feline leukemia virus p27 revealed a statistically significant sequence homology. A more distant relationship was found between BLV p24 and other mammalian p30s. The finding of a definite sequence homology between BLV p24 and mammalian type C virus p30s clearly establishes the origin of these contemporary viral proteins from common progenitor genes.

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