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Purified recombinant PGRN does not bind purified TNFRI or II. Sensorgrams of the binding analysis between purified recombinant PGRN and TNF with TNFRI (A) or TNFRII (B) and between PGRN and sortilin (C). The binding between TNFRI and TNF, between TNFRII and TNF (red curves), and the binding between PGRN and sortilin have a fast on rate and a slow off rate, indicating a stable binding, whereas the binding between TNFRI and PGRN or TNFRII and PGRN (green curves) is indistinguishable from the blank, suggesting the binding is negligible. Affinity measurements for TNF–TNFRI and TNF-TNFRII are summarized in Table 1.

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