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Mol Cell Biol. May 1982; 2(5): 490–497.
PMCID: PMC369818

Endogenous read-through of a UGA termination codon in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell-free system: evidence for involvement of both a mitochondrial and a nuclear tRNA.


Globin mRNA, translated in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell-free protein synthesizing system prepared from a [psi+ rho+] strain, primarily directed the synthesis of alpha- and beta-globin. A third globin mRNA-specific polypeptide was also synthesized, representing approximately 10% of the total translation products. This polypeptide (beta') was synthesized by translational read-through of the beta- globin mRNA UGA terminator and was mediated primarily by an endogenous tRNA coded for by the mitochondria. This mitochondrial tRNA, when charged, could be preferentially bound, in high salt, to benzoylated DEAE-cellulose, a characteristic of a tRNATrp. The synthesis of beta- mediated by this mitochondrial tRNATrp was significantly reduced when the translation system was prepared from an isogenic [psi-] strain. Evidence for a nuclear-coded tRNA, also able to suppress the beta-globin mRNA UGA terminator in [psi+] but not [psi-] lysates, was also obtained. The presence of these endogenous UGA suppressor activities in the yeast cell-free system should allow successful in vitro translation of mitochondrial mRNAs.

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