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Mol Cell Biol. May 1983; 3(5): 922–930.
PMCID: PMC368615

Chitin synthesis and localization in cell division cycle mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell cycle mutants cdc3, cdc4, cdc7, cdc24, and cdc28 at a nonpermissive temperature (37 degrees C) resulted in increased accumulation of chitin relative to other cell wall components, as compared with that observed at a permissive temperature (25 degrees C). Wild-type cells showed the same chitin/carbohydrate ratio at both temperatures, whereas mutants cdc13 and cdc21 yielded only a small increase in the ratio at 37 degrees C. These results confirm and extend those reported by B. F. Sloat and J. R. Pringle (Science 200:1171-1173, 1978) for mutant cdc24. The distribution of chitin in the cell wall was studied by electron microscopy, by specific staining with wheat germ agglutinin-colloidal gold complexes. At the permissive temperature, chitin was restricted to the septal region in all strains, whereas at 37 degrees C a generalized distribution of chitin in the cell wall was observed in all mutants. These results do not support a unique interdependence between the product of the cdc24 gene and localization of chitin deposition; they suggest that unbalanced conditions created in the cell by arresting the cycle at different stages result in generalized activation of the chitin synthetase zymogen. Thus, blockage of an event in the cell cycle may lead to consequences that are not functionally related to that event under normal conditions.

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