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Mol Cell Biol. Sep 1987; 7(9): 3365–3370.
PMCID: PMC367981

One- and two-step transformations of rat thyroid epithelial cells by retroviral oncogenes.


A system of epithelial cells is described in which it is possible to study the number and the nature of genes capable of conferring the malignant phenotype. Two fully differentiated, hormone-responsive cell lines from rat thyroid glands are presented which are susceptible to one-step or two-step transformation upon infection with several murine acute retroviruses. After infection, both cell lines became independent from their thyrotropic hormone requirement for growth. However, complete transformation was achieved with one of the cell lines (FRTL-5 Cl 2), whereas the other cell line (PC Cl 3) failed to grow in agar and to give rise to tumors in vivo. The latter cell line was susceptible to complete transformation upon cooperation of the v-ras-Ha and the human c-myc oncogenes.

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