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Mol Cell Biol. Oct 1993; 13(10): 6346–6356.
PMCID: PMC364693

The yeast KRE9 gene encodes an O glycoprotein involved in cell surface beta-glucan assembly.


The yeast KRE9 gene encodes a 30-kDa secretory pathway protein involved in the synthesis of cell wall (1-->6)-beta-glucan. Disruption of KRE9 leads to serious growth impairment and an altered cell wall containing less than 20% of the wild-type amount of (1-->6)-beta-glucan. Analysis of the glucan material remaining in a kre9 delta null mutant indicated a polymer with a reduced average molecular mass. kre9 delta null mutants also displayed several additional cell-wall-related phenotypes, including an aberrant multiply budded morphology, a mating defect, and a failure to form projections in the presence of alpha-factor. Double mutants were generated by crossing kre9 delta strains with strains harboring a null mutation in the KRE1, KRE6, or KRE11 gene, and each of these double mutants was found to be inviable in the SEY6210 background. Similar crosses with null mutations in the KRE5 and SKN1 genes indicated that these double mutants were no more severely affected than kre5 delta or kre9 delta single mutants alone. Antibodies were generated against Kre9p and detected an O glycoprotein of approximately 55 to 60 kDa found in the extracellular medium of a strain overproducing Kre9p.

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