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Figure 2

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Positioning of S25 at a highly conserved MARCKS region, the MH2.

Alignment of the amino-terminus sequences of MARCKS from seven different vertebrate species: two mammals (H. sapiens and M. musculus), two birds (the chick, G. gallus and the zebrafinch, T. guttata), one reptile (the lizard A. carolinensis), one amphibian (X. laevis) and one bony fish (medaka, O. latipes). Two highly conserved regions are evident in this portion of the protein: the first six-aminoacid stretch (empty box; excluding initial M), which is the myristoylation domain; and the region that starts with S25 (arrow) and ends with E49, or “MARCKS Homology 2″ (MH2, similar to the one previously reported in [35]; light gray box). The “SPSK” Cdk phosphorylation consensus is highlighted in bold font. In bold font is also highlighted a second serine residue followed by proline, which is also extremely conserved (S44 in the chick; arrowhead). The dark grey box highlights the region originally recognized as conserved in five MARCKS sequences, which is encoded by the region of mRNA splicing [3]). Open arrowhead marks the splicing point.

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