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Mol Cell Biol. Mar 1988; 8(3): 1259–1265.
PMCID: PMC363271

Developmental aspects of uridine addition within mitochondrial transcripts of Trypanosoma brucei.


The mitochondrial respiratory system is absent in slender bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei, incomplete in stumpy bloodstream forms, and complete in procyclic (insect) forms. The steady-state abundance of transcripts of some mitochondrially encoded components of the respiratory system correlates with its differential expression in different life cycle stages. Recently, it was reported that uridines which are not encoded in the genome are added to cytochrome b and cytochrome oxidase II transcripts. We now report that the (U)+ transcripts of both genes are found in procyclic forms and to some degree in stumpy forms but are absent in slender forms. The uridine additions to cytochrome oxidase II correct a frameshift in the gene and presumably allow production of a full-length protein, whereas those added to cytochrome b create an in-frame AUG which extends the N terminus of the predicted protein by 20 amino acids. The stage specificity of uridine additions to these transcripts thus reflects the life cycle stage during which the protein products would be used. Transcripts of MURF2, a gene of unknown function, have additional uridines in both slender and procyclic forms which create two in-frame AUGs. MURF2 transcripts additionally differ from the DNA sequence in ways which cannot be explained by uridine addition alone, implying that other processes alter these transcripts.

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