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Mol Cell Biol. 1988 Jan; 8(1): 480–485.
PMCID: PMC363155

Evidence that the functional beta-actin gene is single copy in most mice and is associated with 5' sequences capable of conferring serum- and cycloheximide-dependent regulation.


Hybridization to synthetic oligonucleotides representing conserved regions in the promoter and first intron of several vertebrate beta-actin genes was used to discriminate between what appears to be a single functional beta-actin gene and numerous pseudogenes in the mouse genome. Sequences derived from the 5' end of this gene were shown to confer serum-inducible expression upon a heterologous reporter gene when transfected into mouse fibroblasts. Moreover, these sequences rendered reporter gene expression superinducible by a combination of serum and cycloheximide. These experiments indicate that the 5' end of the mouse beta-actin gene contains sequence elements which mediate the stimulatory effects of serum growth factors and which are responsive to both positive and negative regulators of gene expression.

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