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Spleen lesions from extrapulmonary dissemination of Mtb were more severe and more numerous in sucrose-treated guinea pigs.

Images represent the animals closest to the mean severity of lesion burden as determined by measuring lesion and normal spleen area using morphometric analysis (see Figure 2). Splenic involvement was mild in the sucrose-fed guinea pigs at 30 days of infection (A) which was even less in the water-fed controls (B). However, splenic lesions were significantly more severe in the sucrose-fed animals by day 60 of infection (D) compared to the water-fed control group (C). Bar = 1000 µm. Hematoxylin and eosin stain. Insets: High magnification views of the TB lesions delineated on the subgross views of A–D; Bar = 100 µm.

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