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J Assist Reprod Genet. Feb 2001; 18(2): 110–113.
PMCID: PMC3455561

PHYSIOLOGY: The Expression of Pseudogene Cyclin D2 mRNA in the Human Ovary May Be a Novel Marker for Decreased Ovarian Function Associated with the Aging Process


Purpose: Our purpose was to investigate the expression pattern of cyclin D2 and pseudogene cyclin D2 mRNA in the human ovary with age.

Methods: After extraction of the total RNA from ovarian tissues of 23 premenopausal patients, cyclin D2 and pseudogene cyclin D2 mRNAs were measured by the reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction technique using cyclin D2 and pseudogene cyclin D2 specific primers. Analysis of the cyclin D2 and pseudogene cyclin D2 mRNA expression pattern with age and correlation analysis were carried out.

Results: A 489-bp cyclin D2 band and a 441-bp pseudogene cycin D2 mRNA band were detected in the human ovarian tissue. While cyclin D2 mRNA expression showed a decreasing tendency with age (P = 0.17), pseudogene cyclin D2 mRNA expression increased with age (P < 0.05). Pseudogene cyclin D2 mRNA expression showed a negative correlation with cyclin D2 mRNA (R = −0.35, P < 0.03).

Conclusion: The expression of pseudogene cyclin D2 mRNA in the human ovary increases with age, which may be a novel marker for decreased ovarian function associated with the aging process.

Keywords: Human ovary, cyclin D2, pseudogene cyclin D2

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