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H3K4me3 accumulates at ectopic sites in the absence of Cfp1 or its DNA-binding activity. (A) Screenshots showing H3K4me3 signal read coverage in wild-type (wt), Cfp1−/−, wild-type rescue, and C169A rescue ES cells at selected genomic regions on chromosomes 15 and 17. (B) Heat map representing ChIP-seq signal for H3K4me3 (blue) in wild-type, Cfp1−/−, wild-type rescue, and C169A rescue ES cells for each of 14,209 ectopic peaks. Peaks are rank-ordered from the highest to the lowest H3K4me3 signal in Cfp1−/− ES cells. Signal is displayed from −1.5 kb to +1.5 kb surrounding the center of each peak. (C) Composite profile showing H3K4me3 signal at ectopic peak sites in wild-type (blue), Cfp1−/− (pink), wild-type rescue (orange), and C169A rescue (turquoise) ES cells.

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