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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Feb 3, 2004; 101(5): 1200–1205.
Published online Jan 20, 2004. doi:  10.1073/pnas.0306490101
PMCID: PMC337030
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Cell Biology

A genomewide oscillation in transcription gates DNA replication and cell cycle


Microarray analysis from a yeast continuous synchrony culture system shows a genomewide oscillation in transcription. Maximums in transcript levels occur at three nearly equally spaced intervals in this ≈40-min cycle of respiration and reduction. Two temporal clusters (4,679 of 5,329) are maximally expressed during the reductive phase of the cycle, whereas a third cluster (650) is maximally expressed during the respiratory phase. Transcription is organized functionally into redox-state superclusters with genes known to be important in respiration or reduction being synthesized in opposite phases of the cycle. The transcriptional cycle gates synchronous bursts in DNA replication in a constant fraction of the population at 40-min intervals. Restriction of DNA synthesis to the reductive phase of the cycle may be an evolutionarily important mechanism for reducing oxidative damage to DNA during replication.

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