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Nucleic Acids Res. 1988 Jan 11; 16(1): 291–303.
PMCID: PMC334627

The complete nucleotide sequence of the potexvirus white clover mosaic virus.


The complete nucleotide sequence (5845 nucleotides) of the genomic RNA of the potexvirus white clover mosaic virus (WC1MV) has been determined from a set of overlapping cDNA clones. Forty of the most 5'-terminal nucleotides of WC1MV showed homology to the 5' sequences of other potexviruses. The genome contained five open reading frames which coded for proteins of Mr 147, 417, Mr 26,356, Mr 12,989, Mr 7,219 and Mr 20,684 (the coat protein). The Mr 147,417 protein had domains of amino acid sequence homology with putative polymerases of other RNA viruses. The Mr 26,356 and Mr 12,989 proteins had homology with proteins of the hordeivirus barley stripe mosaic virus RNA beta and the furovirus beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYVV) RNA-2. A portion of the Mr 26,356 protein was also conserved in the cylindrical inclusion proteins of two potyviruses. The Mr 7,219 protein had homology with the 25K putative fungal transmission factor of BNYVV RNA-3.

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