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Nucleic Acids Res. 1991 Apr 11; 19(7): 1619–1626.
PMCID: PMC333924

Repeated sequence sets in mitochondrial DNA molecules of root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne): nucleotide sequences, genome location and potential for host-race identification.


Within a 7 kb segment of the mtDNA molecule of the root knot nematode, Meloidogyne javanica, that lacks standard mitochondrial genes, are three sets of strictly tandemly arranged, direct repeat sequences: approximately 36 copies of a 102 ntp sequence that contains a TaqI site; 11 copies of a 63 ntp sequence, and 5 copies of an 8 ntp sequence. The 7 kb repeat-containing segment is bounded by putative tRNAasp and tRNAf-met genes and the arrangement of sequences within this segment is: the tRNAasp gene; a unique 1,528 ntp segment that contains two highly stable hairpin-forming sequences; the 102 ntp repeat set; the 8 ntp repeat set; a unique 1,068 ntp segment; the 63 ntp repeat set; and the tRNAf-met gene. The nucleotide sequences of the 102 ntp copies and the 63 ntp copies have been conserved among the species examined. Data from Southern hybridization experiments indicate that 102 ntp and 63 ntp repeats occur in the mtDNAs of three, two and two races of M.incognita, M.hapla and M.arenaria, respectively. Nucleotide sequences of the M.incognita Race-3 102 ntp repeat were found to be either identical or highly similar to those of the M.javanica 102 ntp repeat. Differences in migration distance and number of 102 ntp repeat-containing bands seen in Southern hybridization autoradiographs of restriction-digested mtDNAs of M.javanica and the different host races of M.incognita, M.hapla and M.arenaria are sufficient to distinguish the different host races of each species.

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