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Nucleic Acids Res. Sep 25, 1981; 9(18): 4669–4676.
PMCID: PMC327466

Nucleotide sequence of the asnA gene coding for asparagine synthetase of E. coli K-12.


We have subcloned the asnA gene of E. coli K-12, a gene coding for asparagine synthetase, from a previously cloned 6 mega-dalton segment of E. coli chromosome containing the DNA replication origin, ori, and asnA. The complete nucleotide sequence of the asnA gene was determined: the region of the structural gene extends 990 base-pairs at nucleotide positions 1434-2423 (see Fig. 3), which codes for a polypeptide of 330 amino-acid residues with a molecular weight of 36,688 daltons. The nucleotide sequences of the promoter and the ribosome-binding site of the gene are also assigned. We discuss the properties of its polypeptide.

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