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Nucleic Acids Res. Feb 11, 1981; 9(3): 683–696.
PMCID: PMC327230

Nucleotide sequence of mouse satellite DNA.


The nucleotide sequence of uncloned mouse satellite DNA has been determined by analyzing Sau96I restriction fragments that correspond to the repeat unit of the satellite DNA. An unambiguous sequence of 234 bp has been obtained. The sequence of the first 250 bases from dimeric satellite fragments present in Sau96I limit digests corresponds almost exactly to two tandemly arranged monomer sequences including a complete Sau96I site in the center. This is in agreement with the hypothesis that a low level of divergence which cannot be detected in sequence analyses of uncloned DNA is responsible for the appearance of dimeric fragments. Most of the sequence of the 5% fraction of Sau96 monomers that are susceptible to TaqI has also been determined and has been found to agree completely with the prototype sequence. The monomer sequence is internally repetitious being composed of eight diverged subrepeats. The divergence pattern has interesting implications for theories on the evolution of mouse satellite DNA.

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