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Nucleic Acids Res. Nov 25, 1983; 11(22): 7735–7741.
PMCID: PMC326524

Two 5S genes are expressed in chicken somatic cells.


Two 5S RNA species were detected in chicken cells. 5S I RNA has the nucleotide sequence of chicken 5S RNA previously published by Brownlee et al. (1) and 5S II RNA differs from it by 10 mutations. The secondary structure of both species is compatible with that proposed for other eukaryotic 5S RNAs. 5S II RNA represents 50-60% of 5S I RNA. Both species were found in total chicken liver and brain and were present in polysomes in the same relative proportions. Only one 5S RNA species could be detected in rat liver and HeLa cells. Chicken is the first vertebrate described so far in which two 5S RNA genes are expressed in somatic cells.

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