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Nucleic Acids Res. Feb 11, 1982; 10(3): 789–801.
PMCID: PMC326203

Coordinate regulation of ribosomal protein mRNA level in regenerating rat liver. Study with the corresponding mouse cloned cDNAs.


Cloned mouse ribosomal protein (rp) cDNAs exhibit extensive homology with the corresponding rat sequences. The size of the rp-mRNAs and complexity of the rp-genes are very similar in the two species. Using the mouse rp-recombinant DNAs we find that the relative abundance of rat L7, L13, L18, L30, L32/33 and S16 mRNAs increases after partial hepatectomy. Their maximal level is about twice that of normal rat liver, and is achieved 12-18 h after the operation, while the relative abundance of albumin mRNA decreases to half the normal values 12 h after partial hepatectomy. This concomitant increase in the relative content of these rp-mRNAs indicates coordinate regulation of their level in the rat. The dissimilar behavior of L10 and L19 rp-mRNA suggests additional control mechanisms of rp-mRNA levels in the regenerating rat liver.

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