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Nucleic Acids Res. Jan 11, 1984; 12(1 Pt 2): 777–787.
PMCID: PMC321092

Introduction of restriction enzyme sites in protein-coding DNA sequences by site-specific mutagenesis not affecting the amino acid sequence: a computer program.


Structure/function relationship studies of proteins are greatly facilitated by recombinant DNA technology which allows specific amino acid mutations to be made at the DNA sequence level by site-specific mutagenesis employing synthetic oligonucleotides. This technique has been successfully used to alter one or two amino acids in a protein. Replacement of existing DNA sequence coding for several amino acids with new synthetic DNA fragments would be facilitated by the presence of unique restriction enzyme sites in the region of interest. This computer program provides a means of searching the DNA sequence of interest for restriction enzyme sites that could be introduced by site-specific mutagenesis not affecting the amino acid sequence of the protein. Alternately, the program will also allow single amino acid changes to be made.

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