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Nucleic Acids Res. Sep 25, 1982; 10(18): 5503–5515.
PMCID: PMC320891

Structure of 1.71 lb gm/cm(3) bovine satellite DNA: evolutionary relationship to satellite I.


The Eco RI fragments from the 2600 bp repeating unit of 1.711b gm/Cm(3) bovine satellite DNA were cloned in pBR322. The structure of the repeat unit was determined and compared to bovine satellite I DNA (rho CsCl = 1.715 gm/cm(3)). All of the DNA in the 1402 bp repeat of satellite I is represented in the sequence of the 2600 bp 1.711b gm/cm(3) repeat. The difference between the two repeats is due to a 1200 bp piece of DNA (INS) residing in the middle of the 1.711b gm/cm(3) repeat. The INS is AT-rich and has some repetitive components; it bears only limited similarity to the structure of eukaryotic transposable elements. We propose that the 1.711b gm/cm(3) satellite DNA arose via the amplification of a 1.715 gm/cm(3) satellite repeat altered by a 1200 bp insertion of DNA.

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