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Perivascular and brown adipose tissue are resistant to inflammation after 20 wk of HFD. A second cohort of mice was continued on HFD for 20 wk. SAT (A and B), VAT (C and D), BAT (E and F), and PVAT (G and H) from the aortic arch was harvested from lean and obese mice (n = 3 per group). Samples were fixed in 4% formalin, sectioned, and stained with a rat anti-mouse F4/80 primary antibody (ABd Serotec). Staining was visualized with a HRP linked rabbit anti-rat secondary antibody. Again, abundant macrophages were seen in VAT (D). No macrophages were seen in BAT (F) or PVAT (H) despite distortion and enlargement of lipid droplet morphology (magnification: ×25).

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