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Nucleic Acids Res. Apr 25, 1984; 12(8): 3659–3676.
PMCID: PMC318777

Characterization of the genes coding for the Eco RV restriction and modification system of Escherichia coli.


A plasmid encoding the recently described Eco RV restriction and modification system has been isolated and characterized. This plasmid, pLB1 , is 6.2 kb long and carries only the Eco RV genes. A subclone of 3 kb has been inserted in pBR322. The relative positions of the endonuclease and the methylase genes were determined by the construction of a set of overlapping deletions generated by Bal31 resection. The DNA sequence of a 2.2 kb fragment containing the two genes was determined. The two genes are transcribed divergently from a 310 bp region and the assignment of the coding region has been confirmed by direct aminoacid sequence analysis. Possible mechanisms of regulation of the endonuclease gene expression at the translational level are proposed and discussed.

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