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Nucleic Acids Res. 1986 Jul 11; 14(13): 5187–5197.
PMCID: PMC311534

Yeast omnipotent supressor SUP1 (SUP45): nucleotide sequence of the wildtype and a mutant gene.


The primary structures of the yeast recessive omnipotent suppressor gene SUP1 (SUP45) and one of its mutant alleles (sup1-ts36) was determined. The gene codes for a protein of 49 kD. The mutant protein differs from the wildtype form in one amino acid residue (Ser instead of Leu) in the N-terminal part. The codon usage differs significantly from that of yeast ribosomal protein genes. However, an upstream element resembling a conserved oligonucleotide in the region 5' to ribosomal protein genes in S. cerevisiae has been found. A DNA probe internal to the SUP1 gene does not exhibit detectable homology to genomic DNA neither from higher eucaryotes nor from eu- or archaebacteria. The hypothetical function of this protein in control of translational fidelity is discussed.

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