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Nucleic Acids Res. Jun 11, 1986; 14(11): 4591–4603.
PMCID: PMC311467

The human CK gene segment and the kappa deleting element are closely linked.


The element which mediates the deletion of the CK gene segment (abbreviations ref. 1) in human lambda light chain producing B-cells was found to be located 24 kb downstream of CK. The kappa deleting element is flanked by hepta- and nonanucleotide recognition sequences similar to the ones adjacent to the JK gene segments. Complementary recognition sequences with a 30 bp spacer were found in the JK-CK intron. For the first time the two partners of a recombination event in a mammalian immunoglobulin gene system have been linked on a physical map. The orientation of the recombination signals of the intron and the Kde sequences allows a joining by a simple deletion mechanism. Similarities and possible differences to the mechanism of V-J joining are discussed.

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