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Figure 5

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Single-chain receptors (SRs). The extracellular portion of the receptors is on top and the cytoplasmic portion is on bottom. The lengths of the receptors as shown are only approximately to scale. The inset shows SR domain organization. Extracellular ligand-binding domains are shown by red. Intracellular signaling/effector domains are depicted by pink. EpoR, erythropoietin receptor; G-CSF-R, granulocyte colony-stimulating factor receptor; TGFβ, transforming growth factor-beta; ITAM, immune tyrosine-based activation motif; TNF, tumor necrosis factor; JAK, Janus kinase; EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; InsR, insulin receptor; IGF1R, insulin-like growth factor I receptor; IRR, insulin receptor-related receptor; PDGFR, platelet-derived growth factor receptor; CSF1R, colony-stimulating-factor 1 receptor; FGFR, fibroblast growth factor receptor; MuSK, muscle-specific receptor tyrosine kinase; Eph, ephrin; DDR, discoidin domain receptor; Flt1, KDR and Flt4, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptors. Adapted from Sigalov AB. The SCHOOL of nature. I. Transmembrane signaling. Self/Nonself 2010; 1:4–39.

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