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J Clin Microbiol. Aug 1992; 30(8): 2158–2164.
PMCID: PMC265462

Retrospective evaluation of two latex agglutination tests for detection of circulating antigens during invasive candidosis.


Two latex agglutination tests for the detection of Candida antigens, Pastorex Candida (Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur, Marnes-la-Coquette, France) and Cand-Tec (Ramco Laboratories, Inc., Houston, Tex.), were applied to 79 serum samples from 19 patients who were retrospectively selected on the basis of mycological and clinical evidence of C. albicans infection and the availability of serial serum samples taken near the date of a positive culture. The specificity in 60 control individuals was 100% for Pastorex and 98.3% for Cand-Tec. The tests scored positive for 10 (52.6%) and 9 (47.4%) patients, respectively. Pastorex detected antigen in only 3 of 12 patients (25%) with positive antibody detection tests, but was positive for all 7 patients (100%) who produced no or a low antibody response, suggesting that the test performs better in the absence of antibodies. However, the sensitivity of Pastorex also increased with the number of samples available per patient, which was lower for high-antibody-responder patients (2.8 versus 5.7). If the patients who provided only one or two serum samples were eliminated, the sensitivity of Pastorex rose to 76.9%. For the Cand-Tec, the sensitivity was not related to the presence of antibodies, nor was it related to the number of samples per patient. The observed antigenemia was transient with both Pastorex and Cand-Tec. Only 12.5% of the positive reactions occurred on the same serum sample, confirming that the two tests react with different antigens. A positive antigen test preceded other diagnostic indications for 6 of 10 Pastorex-positive patients and 5 of 9 Cand-Tec-positive patients.

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